Conditions of Entry

ONLY ALCOHOL PURCHASED FROM BAR TO BE CONSUMED IN LICENSED AREAS.  BYO alcohol is not permitted in the licensed areas at the racetrack or bar area at the dance hall. Alcohol purchased elsewhere can be consumed in your designated camping area only. No open containers of alcohol are to be carried around the reserve.

NO ALCOHOL TO BE CONSUMED BY UNDERAGE DRINKERS.  No alcohol is to be consumed by persons under 18 years of age in the licensed areas.  Photo ID is required to be carried in the form of a Drivers Licence or 18+ card for age confirmation.   Heavy fines can be imposed  for the underage drinker, for Staff and  for the Club.

NO PUSH BIKES ARE PERMITTED.  Push bikes must not be ridden on the main road into or about the Reserve.

WATER TRUCK - Children must be always keep clear of the water truck. No chasing, following or riding on the water truck.

NO PERSONS ARE TO RIDE IN THE BACK OF OPEN VEHICLES.   All Queensland Road Rules are to be adhered to in the racetrack reserve.

AMBULANCE / FIRST AID QAS are located behind the Office complex. – Use UHF30 or contact them directly. Minor medical issues should be dealt with by yourself, calling you doctor or calling the RFDS Cairns base-40 400 500(24/7).

POLICE - are located on site.  In an emergency use UHF 30 to contact them. Or contact Werrington Camp(marked on map)

EMERGENCY - FIRE In case of emergency-mop up fire units are located at What’s Happening, Oak Park & Smith’s Point Camps (marked on map)

CAR PARK.  To avoid congestion around the camps, the car park is located behind the machinery shed/Telstra tower.

SPEED LIMIT – 10 KMS PER HOUR.  This applies to all areas of the Race Club Sporting Reserve.  Watch for children and horses.

POWER USAGE.  Please limit the use of power to lighting and small use items only.  Electric ovens, microwaves, heaters, air conditioners, toasters & urns etc are strictly prohibited.  Please do not use hair dryers the during peak times of Thursday, Friday and Saturday of race week due to the high power demand.

GAS HEATERS IN TENTS.  Under no circumstances are gas heaters or gas cook tops permitted to be used in tents or other enclosed areas due to extreme fire hazard.

CAMPFIRES.  Please ensure when you are lighting an open fire that the area around is cleared of all grass and other flammable materials & do not leave the fire unattended.  Remove stones etc when vacating the area.

RUBBISH.  Please ensure your campsite is clean and drop off all rubbish at the dump on the way out.

INCOMING TELEPHONE CALLS.   Messages will be taken and posted on the notice board at the Office.

UHF Channel 30 will also be used to relay messages where possible.     Public phones for outgoing calls are located adjacent to Bagstow camp – please pay for your calls. Put money in the tin. This is not a free phone.

NO DOGSDogs are not permitted on the Reserve.

NOISE. Please be considerate of your neighbours after 10pm.  Generators are only to be used between 6am – 9pm.

FISHING.  Fishing is only permitted along the river in the Race Club Reserve, and not on privately owned land outside.

WATER SUPPLY.  It is recommended that all drinking water is boiled before consuming.

RACETRACK.  The racetrack is not to be used for walking or jogging at any time.

EFTPOS EFTPOS is available at the Office.

ENTRY REFUNDS -  Refunds or exchanges will not be given because of a change of mind or personal circumstances.  Membership fees are not refundable.

BAR TICKET REFUNDS – Are available until 2pm Sunday, the day following the races at the Treasurer’s Office.


Thank you for your co-operation.

Management Committee, Oak Park Race Club Inc
Version 2. 30/3/2023


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